• International Workshop on HIV Pediatrics 2022  : Poster walk


Abdalla S, Compagnucci A, Riault Y, Cressey T, Saidi Y, Chan M, Coelho A, Nolan A, Chalermpantmetagul S, Amuge P, Musiime V, Violari A, Cotton M, Volokha A1, Bologna R, Pavia Ruz N, Morkunaite G, Giaquinto C,Tréluyer JM, Zheng Y, Bamford A, Ramos Amador J, Hirt D. Population Pharmacokinetics of Unbound and Total Plasma Dolutegravir Concentrations in Children ≥ 12 Years Old: A Pharmacokinetic Sub-Study of the SMILE Trial-PENTA17-ANRS 152

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  • International Workshop on HIV Pediatrics 2021 : Présentation orale


A. Compagnucci, M. Chan, Y. Saïdi, T. Cressey, A. Bamford, Y. Riault, A. Coelho, A. Nolan, S. Chalermpantmetagul, P. Amuge, V. Musiime, A. Violari, M. Cotton, S. Kanjanavanit, A. Volokha, R. Bologna, N. Pavia Ruz, L. Tato Prieto, P. Paioni, L. Marques, V. Reliquet, S. Welch, D. Ford, C. Giaquinto, D. Gibb, A. Babiker, J.T. Ramos Amador, and the SMILE-PENTA 17 Trial Group. Once-daily integrase inhibitor (INSTI) with boosted darunavir is non-inferior to standard of care in virologically suppressed children, Week 48 results of the SMILE PENTA-17 TRIAL

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